We are celebrating 32 years

TAMS is 32 years young this year and we continue to celebrate and acknowledge the many swimmers who have swum with us over the last 32 years.


We should formalise the group because I wanted some permanency with it

Ron Judd

Team Auckland Masters Swimmers (TAMS) got its start thanks to fresh-faced Ron Judd 31 years ago when he decided to formalise a group of LGBTQIA+ rainbow swimmers who would want to compete at masters’ level (aged 25-105). TAMS started at Auckland’s Tepid Baths in September 1991 and was formalised in early 1992.

“I decided that we should formalise the group because I wanted some permanency with it,” says Ron. “I was into competing and at the time you had to belong to a New Zealand Masters’ Swimming club to compete. I was part of the Waterhole Masters’ Swimming club before that, but it was a group that was very family orientated; as a gay guy, it could be a little lonely.

“I was aware there were a lot of gay guys out there swimming, so I had the idea to get a group together. There weren’t many gay community groups around at that time – you could go to gay bars, but that was kind of it. We were part of that rise of the gay community group.”

Once the group had settled into a routine, swimmers worked towards travelling to New York for the Gay Games in 1994. There the team competed in events, as well as the Pink Flamingo, a Gay Games tradition that combines outrageous costumes, music, dance and synchronised swimming with humour and satire, to make for an exciting, fun and somewhat revealing evening.


Jeremy Clarke


Philip Young


Cynthia Borne

Lead Coach

Brett Ryan

Coach (Tuesday)


Swim events in New Zealand and around the world that some of our TAMS swimmers might participate. If you would like to meet us there, let us know!

We train at Tepid Baths, downtown Auckland on Tuesdays and Thursdays 7-8pm. You can take a train to Britomart and walk approximately 7 minutes to Tepid Baths. If you drive, you can park at Downtown carpark which is just 2 minute walk from the swimming pool.

We have the lanes next to the windows (see the picture below). Introduce yourself to the coach who will give you further information on swimming with TAMS.

Thursday is our social evening whereby where possible a few swimmers often head for a post swim drink.

Lead coach Cynthia Borne giving training at Tepid Baths


Meet us at Tepid Baths on Tuesday or Thursday between 7 – 8pm, otherwise send us a message using the form below or visit our Instagram or Facebook page.

Tepid Baths address: 100 Customs Street West, Central Auckland. Phone: 09-3794745